Daadar Tu Kabeh Na Janas Re | Bhai Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale

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Shabad Video by Bhai Ranjit Singh Ji Khalsa DhadrianWale.

Daadar Tu Kabeh Na Janas Re

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Gurbani Shabad

  • mwrU mhlw 1 ]
  • ibml mJwir bsis inrml jl pdmin jwvl ry ]
  • pdmin jwvl jl rs sMgiq sMig doK nhI ry ]1]
  • dwdr qU kbih n jwnis ry ]
  • BKis isbwlu bsis inrml jl AMimRqu n lKis ry ]1] rhwau ]
  • bsu jl inq n vsq AlIAl myr ccw gun ry ]
  • cMd kumudnI dUrhu invsis AnBau kwrin ry ]2]
  • AMimRq KMfu dUiD mDu sMcis qU bn cwqur ry ]
  • Apnw Awpu qU kbhu n Cofis ipsn pRIiq ijau ry ]3]
  • pMifq sMig vsih jn mUrK Awgm sws suny ]
  • Apnw Awpu qU kbhu n Cofis suAwn pUiC ijau ry ]4]
  • ieik pwKMfI nwim n rwcih iek hir hir crxI ry ]
  • pUrib iliKAw pwvis nwnk rsnw nwmu jip ry ]5]4]

Gurbani Shabad Translation

  • Maaroo, First Mehl:
  • In the pure, immaculate waters, both the lotus and the slimy scum are found.
  • The lotus flower is with the scum and the water, but it remains untouched by any pollution. ||1||
  • You frog, you will never understand.
  • You eat the dirt, while you dwell in the immaculate waters. You know nothing of the ambrosial nectar there. ||1||Pause||
  • You dwell continually in the water; the bumble bee does not dwell there, but it is intoxicated with its fragrance from afar.
  • Intuitively sensing the moon in the distance, the lotus bows its head. ||2||
  • The realms of nectar are irrigated with milk and honey; you think you are clever to live in the water.
  • You can never escape your own inner tendencies, like the love of the flea for blood. ||3||
  • The fool may live with the Pandit, the religious scholar, and listen to the Vedas and the Shaastras.
  • You can never escape your own inner tendencies, like the crooked tail of the dog. ||4||
  • Some are hypocrites; they do not merge with the Naam, the Name of the Lord. Some are absorbed in the Feet of the Lord, Har, Har.
  • The mortals obtain what they are predestined to receive; O Nanak, with your tongue, chant the Naam. ||5||4||

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Sangats' Feedback

"I get answers to most of my questions related to self, parmatma and the universe, by listening to you"
Param SatkaR Yog Bhai Sahib Ji, waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh. I am one of millions of listeners who listen to your live or recorded kirtan darbars. I feel that your vyakhya of gurbani takes us most near to the message that Guru Sahib Jis wanted to give to this mankind. And by listening to you i get answers to most of my questions related to self, parmatma and the universe. And above all you are spreading message of our Gurus against all the odds and propaganda being done against you. May waheguru ji give you more strength so that you can continue doing so. You explain many concepts that gurbani is teaching us. I want to listen from you about lots n lots written in gurbani about Anhad Naad and Dasam Dwar. Please throw light upon this in your satsang, not only in one but many divans as it is such a vast topic. I hope you will accept this request and enlighten the path of many seekers/ sikhs. This is needed the most as any katha vachak hardly speaks about this. I live in Amritsar and eager to meet you. May waheguru ji bless you with good health n long life.
_ Simran Singh Makkar, Chandigarh

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