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Many read about different subjects and study books regarding those matters in awesome profundity. They may even know tons of those books by heart, yet such learning holds no esteem unless it is put into utilization. It's through reasonable experience of any given subject when the genuine pith of that learning is gotten.


Similarly, once we make utilization of the learning acquired from Gurbani and transform it into our own down to earth understanding, at exactly that point will we genuinely value its marvels and say, "Goodness, Guru Ji's insight really is astounding, and it works!".


Watch Bhai Ranjit Singh Khalsa Dhadrianwale explaining this topic in this video, taken from the 9 July 2017 Guru Manyo Granth Chetna Samagam that occurred at Harigarh close to Dirba.

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"You are carrying the light and message of our visionary Baba Nanak"
Guys - yes will call you guys - if Baba Nanak was around today he will call you Guys as he sees no difference in people who are one and equal to the creator. Guys, you are carrying the light and message of our visionary Baba Nanak which is forgotten and distorted by many generations. Thank you for doing what you are going and keep faith. There are many who may not be identified as Sikh but we share the same values of Baba Nanak and his message. Guys you all are doing a good work by keeping the message alive...bless you all....
_ Richard Lal, UK

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