Guru Nanak did shradh as per Suraj Parkash

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Clip Video by Bhai Ranjit Singh Ji Khalsa DhadrianWale.

It is a fact that shradh, fasting, jathere etc are prohibited in gurmat as Gurbani condemned it. Then why suraj prakash granth says that Guru Nanak Dev did shradh for his father. No one seems to have answer to it? No one even bothers to ask these questions but Dhadrianwale did it in this video. 

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"I get answers to most of my questions related to self, parmatma and the universe, by listening to you"
Param SatkaR Yog Bhai Sahib Ji, waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh. I am one of millions of listeners who listen to your live or recorded kirtan darbars. I feel that your vyakhya of gurbani takes us most near to the message that Guru Sahib Jis wanted to give to this mankind. And by listening to you i get answers to most of my questions related to self, parmatma and the universe. And above all you are spreading message of our Gurus against all the odds and propaganda being done against you. May waheguru ji give you more strength so that you can continue doing so. You explain many concepts that gurbani is teaching us. I want to listen from you about lots n lots written in gurbani about Anhad Naad and Dasam Dwar. Please throw light upon this in your satsang, not only in one but many divans as it is such a vast topic. I hope you will accept this request and enlighten the path of many seekers/ sikhs. This is needed the most as any katha vachak hardly speaks about this. I live in Amritsar and eager to meet you. May waheguru ji bless you with good health n long life.
_ Simran Singh Makkar, Chandigarh

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