How is my fake history being created | Bhai Ranjit Singh Dhadrianwale

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Some youtubers are uploading fake and misleading videos about Bhai Ranjit Singh Ji. Dhadrianwale took and explains it as a live example on how false history is created. He said if this can happen while I am stil live, imagine what they might have done to history of our Gurus and events.

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"I am a new person"
Dear Bhai Sahib, I am sehajdhari and soon will take amrit. I am a carpenter with less education. I had so many confusions earlier. I am listening your kirtan for last 2 years. All my confusions are solved. I am even able to answers questions to other people who are still living in blind faith and follow useless brahmanvadi rituals. Thank you very much for sending gurbani true message to sangat. I pray for your chardi kala.
_ Dipender Singh - London

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