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imlu myry pRIqmw jIau

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Mil Mere Pritama Jiyo

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Gurbani Shabad

  • gauVI mhlw 3 ]
  • ipr ibnu KrI inmwxI jIau ibnu ipr ikau jIvw myrI mweI ]
  • ipr ibnu nId n AwvY jIau kwpVu qin n suhweI ]
  • kwpru qin suhwvY jw ipr BwvY gurmqI icqu lweIAY ]
  • sdw suhwgix jw siqguru syvy gur kY AMik smweIAY ]
  • gur sbdY mylw qw ipru rwvI lwhw nwmu sMswry ]
  • nwnk kwmix nwh ipAwrI jw hir ky gux swry ]1]
  • sw Dn rMgu mwxy jIau Awpxy nwil ipAwry ]
  • Aihinis rMig rwqI jIau gur sbdu vIcwry ]
  • gur sbdu vIcwry haumY mwry ien ibiD imlhu ipAwry ]
  • sw Dn sohwgix sdw rMig rwqI swcY nwim ipAwry ]
  • Apuny gur imil rhIAY AMimRqu ghIAY duibDw mwir invwry ]
  • nwnk kwmix hir vru pwieAw sgly dUK ivswry ]2]
  • kwmix iprhu BulI jIau mwieAw moih ipAwry ]
  • JUTI JUiT lgI jIau kUiV muTI kUiVAwry ]
  • kUVu invwry gurmiq swry jUAY jnmu n hwry ]
  • gur sbdu syvy sic smwvY ivchu haumY mwry ]
  • hir kw nwmu irdY vswey AYsw kry sIgwro ]
  • nwnk kwmix shij smwxI ijsu swcw nwmu ADwro ]3]
  • imlu myry pRIqmw jIau quDu ibnu KrI inmwxI ]
  • mY nYxI nId n AwvY jIau BwvY AMnu n pwxI ]
  • pwxI AMnu n BwvY mrIAY hwvY ibnu ipr ikau suKu pweIAY ]
  • gur AwgY krau ibnMqI jy gur BwvY ijau imlY iqvY imlweIAY ]
  • Awpy myil ley suKdwqw Awip imilAw Gir Awey ]
  • nwnk kwmix sdw suhwgix nw ipru mrY n jwey ]4]2]

Gurbani Shabad Translation

  • Gauree, Third Mehl:
  • Without my Husband, I am utterly dishonored. Without my Husband Lord, how can I live, O my mother?
  • Without my Husband, sleep does not come, and my body is not adorned with my bridal dress.
  • The bridal dress looks beautiful upon my body, when I am pleasing to my Husband Lord. Following the Guru's Teachings, my consciousness is focused on Him.
  • I become His happy soul-bride forever, when I serve the True Guru; I sit in the Lap of the Guru.
  • Through the Word of the Guru's Shabad, the soul-bride meets her Husband Lord, who ravishes and enjoys her. The Naam, the Name of the Lord, is the only profit in this world.
  • O Nanak, the soul-bride is loved by her Husband, when she dwells upon the Glorious Praises of the Lord. ||1||
  • The soul-bride enjoys the Love of her Beloved.
  • Imbued with His Love night and day, she contemplates the Word of the Guru's Shabad.
  • Contemplating the Guru's Shabad, she conquers her ego, and in this way, she meets her Beloved.
  • She is the happy soul-bride of her Lord, who is forever imbued with the Love of the True Name of her Beloved.
  • Abiding in the Company of our Guru, we grasp the Ambrosial Nectar; we conquer and cast out our sense of duality.
  • O Nanak, the soul-bride attains her Husband Lord, and forgets all her pains. ||2||
  • The soul-bride has forgotten her Husband Lord, because of love and emotional attachment to Maya.
  • The false bride is attached to falsehood; the insincere one is cheated by insincerity.
  • She who drives out her falsehood, and acts according to the Guru's Teachings, does not lose her life in the gamble.
  • One who serves the Word of the Guru's Shabad is absorbed in the True Lord; she eradicates egotism from within.
  • So let the Name of the Lord abide within your heart; decorate yourself in this way.
  • O Nanak, the soul-bride who takes the Support of the True Name is intuitively absorbed in the Lord. ||3||
  • Meet me, O my Dear Beloved. Without You, I am totally dishonored.
  • Sleep does not come to my eyes, and I have no desire for food or water.
  • I have no desire for food or water, and I am dying from the pain of separation. Without my Husband Lord, how can I find peace?
  • I offer my prayers to the Guru; if it pleases the Guru, He shall unite me with Himself.
  • The Giver of peace has united me with Himself; He Himself has come to my home to meet me.
  • O Nanak, the soul-bride is forever the Lord's favorite wife; her Husband Lord does not die, and He shall never leave. ||4||2||

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