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bolIAY scu Drmu JUTu nw bolIAY

Shabad Video by Bhai Ranjit Singh Ji Khalsa DhadrianWale.

Melodious Gurbani Kirtan by Jatha Bhai Ranjit singh Ji Khalsa Dhadrianwale

bolIAY scu Drmu JUTu nw bolIAY
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Gurbani Shabad

  • Awsw ]
  • bolY syK PrIdu ipAwry Alh lgy ]
  • iehu qnu hosI Kwk inmwxI gor Gry ]1]
  • Awju imlwvw syK PrId twikm kUMjVIAw mnhu micMdVIAw ]1] rhwau ]
  • jy jwxw mir jweIAY Guim n AweIAY ]
  • JUTI dunIAw lig n Awpu vweIAY ]2]
  • bolIAY scu Drmu JUTu n bolIAY ]
  • jo guru dsY vwt murIdw jolIAY ]3]
  • CYl lMGMdy pwir gorI mnu DIirAw ]
  • kMcn vMny pwsy klviq cIirAw ]4]
  • syK hYXwqI jig n koeI iQru rihAw ]
  • ijsu Awsix hm bYTy kyqy bYis gieAw ]5]
  • kiqk kUMjW cyiq fau swvix ibjulIAW ]
  • sIAwly sohMdIAW ipr gil bwhVIAW ]6]
  • cly clxhwr ivcwrw lyie mno ]
  • gMFyidAW iCA mwh quVMidAw ihku iKno ]7]
  • ijmI puCY Asmwn PrIdw Kyvt ikMin gey ]
  • jwlx gorW nwil aulwmy jIA shy ]8]2]

Gurbani Shabad Translation

  • Aasaa:
  • Says Shaykh Fareed, O my dear friend, attach yourself to the Lord.
  • This body shall turn to dust, and its home shall be a neglected graveyard. ||1||
  • You can meet the Lord today, O Shaykh Fareed, if you restrain your bird-like desires which keep your mind in turmoil. ||1||Pause||
  • If I had known that I was to die, and not return again,
  • I would not have ruined myself by clinging to the world of falsehood. ||2||
  • So speak the Truth, in righteousness, and do not speak falsehood.
  • The disciple ought to travel the route, pointed out by the Guru. ||3||
  • Seeing the youths being carried across, the hearts of the beautiful young soul-brides are encouraged.
  • Those who side with the glitter of gold, are cut down with a saw. ||4||
  • O Shaykh, no one's life is permanent in this world.
  • That seat, upon which we now sit - many others sat on it and have since departed. ||5||
  • As the swallows appear in the month of Katik, forest fires in the month of Chayt, and lightning in Saawan,
  • and as the bride's arms adorn her husband's neck in winter;||6||
  • Just so, the transitory human bodies pass away. Reflect upon this in your mind.
  • It takes six months to form the body, but it breaks in an instant. ||7||
  • O Fareed, the earth asks the sky, ""Where have the boatmen gone?""
  • Some have been cremated, and some lie in their graves; their souls are suffering rebukes. ||8||2||

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"You are carrying the light and message of our visionary Baba Nanak"
Guys - yes will call you guys - if Baba Nanak was around today he will call you Guys as he sees no difference in people who are one and equal to the creator. Guys, you are carrying the light and message of our visionary Baba Nanak which is forgotten and distorted by many generations. Thank you for doing what you are going and keep faith. There are many who may not be identified as Sikh but we share the same values of Baba Nanak and his message. Guys you all are doing a good work by keeping the message alive...bless you all....
_ Richard Lal, UK

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