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Shabad MP3 Audio by Bhai Ranjit Singh Ji khalsa Dhadrian wale

Gurbani Shabad

  • m: 5 ]
  • jIvn pdu inrbwxu ieko ismrIAY ]
  • dUjI nwhI jwie ikin ibiD DIrIAY ]
  • ifTw sBu sMswru suKu n nwm ibnu ]
  • qnu Dnu hosI Cwru jwxY koie jnu ]
  • rMg rUp rs bwid ik krih prwxIAw ]
  • ijsu Bulwey Awip iqsu kl nhI jwxIAw ]
  • rMig rqy inrbwxu scw gwvhI ]
  • nwnk srix duAwir jy quDu BwvhI ]2]

Gurbani Shabad Translation

  • Fifth Mehl:
  • To obtain the state of life of Nirvaanaa, meditate in remembrance on the One Lord.
  • There is no other place; how else can we be comforted?
  • I have seen the whole world - without the Lord's Name, there is no peace at all.
  • Body and wealth shall return to dust - hardly anyone realizes this.
  • Pleasure, beauty and delicious tastes are useless; what are you doing, O mortal?
  • One whom the Lord Himself misleads, does not understand His awesome power.
  • Those who are imbued with the Love of the Lord attain Nirvaanaa, singing the Praises of the True One.
  • Nanak: those who are pleasing to Your Will, O Lord, seek Sanctuary at Your Door. ||2||

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Sangats' Feedback

"Intepretation of Gurbani with examples from contemporary realities of life are so beautifully explained in samagams"
During lockdown came across preaching's of Dhadrianwale Ji. Intepretation of Gurbani with examples from contemporary realities of life are so beautifully explained in samagams. Born into sikh religion, but was blindly following it, without really knowing true meanings. Though my parents were followers of Sant Ishar Singh Rarewale. After his demise our visits to rara sahib became less frequent. When i grew up always has spiritual inclination but could not relate to Sikhism. Joined Art of Living, through which learnt sudarshan kriya, always felt SGPC did not do anything to promote teachings of sikhism among youth and all age groups. But really happy to listen to Bhai Ranjit Singh ji, his understanding of contemporary issues and relating it with Gurbani is commendable on all issues such as female foeticide, greed, anger, girl child, farmer suicides, family problems and inter-personal relations. What even intellectuals could not do, bhai ji is doing reaching out to people and working on consciousness raising of people. Would like to seek appointment to meet him in person, to seek his blessing.
_ Dr Upneet Kaur, Punjab University - Chandigarh

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