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isimRiq byd purwx pukwrin poQIAw

Shabad MP3 Audio by Bhai Ranjit Singh Ji Dhadrianwale

Gurbani Shabad

  • sUhI mhlw 5 ]
  • isimRiq byd purwx pukwrin poQIAw ]
  • nwm ibnw siB kUVu gwl@I hoCIAw ]1]
  • nwmu inDwnu Apwru Bgqw min vsY ]
  • jnm mrx mohu duKu swDU sMig nsY ]1] rhwau ]
  • moih bwid AhMkwir srpr ruMinAw ]
  • suKu n pwiein@ mUil nwm ivCuMinAw ]2]
  • myrI myrI Dwir bMDin bMiDAw ]
  • nrik surig Avqwr mwieAw DMiDAw ]3]
  • soDq soDq soiD qqu bIcwirAw ]
  • nwm ibnw suKu nwih srpr hwirAw ]4]
  • Awvih jwih Anyk mir mir jnmqy ]
  • ibnu bUJy sBu vwid jonI Brmqy ]5]
  • ijn@ kau Bey dieAwl iqn@ swDU sMgu BieAw ]
  • AMimRqu hir kw nwmu iqn@I jnI jip lieAw ]6]
  • Kojih koit AsMK bhuqu AnMq ky ]
  • ijsu buJwey Awip nyVw iqsu hy ]7]
  • ivsru nwhI dwqwr Awpxw nwmu dyhu ]
  • gux gwvw idnu rwiq nwnk cwau eyhu ]8]2]5]16]

Gurbani Shabad Translation

  • Soohee, Fifth Mehl:
  • The Simritees, the Vedas, the Puraanas and the other holy scriptures proclaim
  • that without the Naam, everything is false and worthless. ||1||
  • The infinite treasure of the Naam abides within the minds of the devotees.
  • Birth and death, attachment and suffering, are erased in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy. ||1||Pause||
  • Those who indulge in attachment, conflict and egotism shall surely weep and cry.
  • Those who are separated from the Naam shall never find any peace. ||2||
  • Crying out, Mine! Mine!, he is bound in bondage.
  • Entangled in Maya, he is reincarnated in heaven and hell. ||3||
  • Searching, searching, searching, I have come to understand the essence of reality.
  • Without the Naam, there is no peace at all, and the mortal will surely fail. ||4||
  • Many come and go; they die, and die again, and are reincarnated.
  • Without understanding, they are totally useless, and they wander in reincarnation. ||5||
  • They alone join the Saadh Sangat, unto whom the Lord becomes Merciful.
  • They chant and meditate on the Ambrosial Name of the Lord. ||6||
  • Uncounted millions, so many they are endless, search for Him.
  • But only that one, who understands his own self, sees God near at hand. ||7||
  • Never forget me, O Great Giver - please bless me with Your Naam.
  • To sing Your Glorious Praises day and night - O Nanak, this is my heart-felt desire. ||8||2||5||16||

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