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Shabad Video by Bhai Ranjit Singh Ji Khalsa DhadrianWale.

Nahi Shodo Re Baba Ram Naam

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Gurbani Shabad

  • pRhlwd pTwey pVn swl ]
  • sMig sKw bhu lIey bwl ]
  • mo kau khw pV@wvis Awl jwl ]
  • myrI ptIAw iliK dyhu sRI guopwl ]1]
  • nhI Cofau ry bwbw rwm nwm ]
  • myro Aaur pV@n isau nhI kwmu ]1] rhwau ]
  • sMfY mrkY kihE jwie ]
  • pRhlwd bulwey byig Dwie ]
  • qU rwm khn kI Cofu bwin ]
  • quJu qurqu CfwaU myro kihE mwin ]2]
  • mo kau khw sqwvhu bwr bwr ]
  • pRiB jl Ql igir kIey phwr ]
  • ieku rwmu n Cofau gurih gwir ]
  • mo kau Gwil jwir BwvY mwir fwir ]3]
  • kwiF KVgu koipE irswie ]
  • quJ rwKnhwro moih bqwie ]
  • pRB QMB qy inksy kY ibsQwr ]
  • hrnwKsu CyidE nK ibdwr ]4]
  • Eie prm purK dyvwiD dyv ]
  • Bgiq hyiq nrisMG Byv ]
  • kih kbIr ko lKY n pwr ]
  • pRhlwd auDwry Aink bwr ]5]4]

Gurbani Shabad Translation

  • Prahlaad was sent to school.
  • He took many of his friends along with him.
  • He asked his teacher, ""Why do you teach me about worldly affairs?
  • Write the Name of the Dear Lord on my tablet.""||1||
  • O Baba, I will not forsake the Name of the Lord.
  • I will not bother with any other lessons. ||1||Pause||
  • Sanda and Marka went to the king to complain.
  • He sent for Prahlaad to come at once.
  • He said to him, ""Stop uttering the Lord's Name.
  • I shall release you at once, if you obey my words.""||2||
  • Prahlaad answered, ""Why do you annoy me, over and over again?
  • God created the water, land, hills and mountains.
  • I shall not forsake the One Lord; if I did, I would be going against my Guru.
  • You might as well throw me into the fire and kill me.""||3||
  • The king became angry and drew his sword.
  • "Show me your protector now!"
  • So God emerged out of the pillar, and assumed a mighty form.
  • He killed Harnaakhash, tearing him apart with his nails. ||4||
  • The Supreme Lord God, the Divinity of the divine,
  • for the sake of His devotee, assumed the form of the man-lion.
  • Says Kabeer, no one can know the Lord's limits.
  • He saves His devotees like Prahlaad over and over again. ||5||4||

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Sangats' Feedback

"Bhai Ranjit Singh is a mahapursh or yug-parvartak in the real sense of the term"
My request to Bhai Ranjit Singh Ji to dissuade Sikhs from indulging in ever increasing practice of people putting a lot of money in the hands of the granthi offering ardas to make a special ardas for them for this purpose or that as if the granthi is the commission agent of God. The granthis are doubling /trebling these hefty sums of ill-gotten money by lending it on mind-boggling rates of interest to the very people who gave it to him as ardas! The foolish prople still cannot understand the game and this vicious circle goes on and on. If this malpractice is not checked the day is not far away when all the lands of the villagers will be purchased by such greedy granthis and all the farmers will be forced to act as granthis' farm laborers. Equally deplorable is the bhedchal of each visitor to offer a ten rupee note to any tom, dick or harry performing kirtan (the offering is made even before he even starts the kirtan and even after he has stopped it!!) The list of such foolish mockeries is too long to be listed in one email. Bhai Ranjit Singh Ji doing the most wonderful service to Sikhism (humanism actually) by exposing such mockeries in boldest possible manner. I bow in reverence to his greatness. He is a mahapursh (rather yug-parvartak) in the real sense of the term. May God bless him with a long life so that he may clean the mud of ignorance and superstitions in which Sikhism has drowned neckdeep. Yours sincerely Balvinder Singh
_ Balvinder Singh, Kaithal - India

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