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qIrQ hmrw hir ko nwmu

Shabad MP3 Audio by Bhai Ranjit Singh Ji khalsa Dhadrian wale

Gurbani Shabad

  • BYrau mhlw 5 ]
  • nwmu lYq mnu prgtu BieAw ]
  • nwmu lYq pwpu qn qy gieAw ]
  • nwmu lYq sgl purbwieAw ]
  • nwmu lYq ATsiT mjnwieAw ]1]
  • qIrQu hmrw hir ko nwmu ]
  • guir aupdyisAw qqu igAwnu ]1] rhwau ]
  • nwmu lYq duKu dUir prwnw ]
  • nwmu lYq Aiq mUV suigAwnw ]
  • nwmu lYq prgit aujIAwrw ]
  • nwmu lYq Cuty jMjwrw ]2]
  • nwmu lYq jmu nyiV n AwvY ]
  • nwmu lYq drgh suKu pwvY ]
  • nwmu lYq pRBu khY swbwis ]
  • nwmu hmwrI swcI rwis ]3]
  • guir aupdysu kihE iehu swru ]
  • hir kIriq mn nwmu ADwru ]
  • nwnk auDry nwm punhcwr ]
  • Avir krm lokh pqIAwr ]4]12]25]

Gurbani Shabad Translation

  • Bhairao, Fifth Mehl:
  • Repeating the Naam, the Name of the Lord, the mortal is exalted and glorified.
  • Repeating the Naam, sin is banished from the body.
  • Repeating the Naam, all festivals are celebrated.
  • Repeating the Naam, one is cleansed at the sixty-eight sacred shrines. ||1||
  • My sacred shrine of pilgrimage is the Name of the Lord.
  • The Guru has instructed me in the true essence of spiritual wisdom. ||1||Pause||
  • Repeating the Naam, the mortal's pains are taken away.
  • Repeating the Naam, the most ignorant people become spiritual teachers.
  • Repeating the Naam, the Divine Light blazes forth.
  • Repeating the Naam, one's bonds are broken. ||2||
  • Repeating the Naam, the Messenger of Death does not draw near.
  • Repeating the Naam, one finds peace in the Court of the Lord.
  • Repeating the Naam, God gives His Approval.
  • The Naam is my true wealth. ||3||
  • The Guru has instructed me in these sublime teachings.
  • The Kirtan of the Lord's Praises and the Naam are the Support of the mind.
  • Nanak is saved through the atonement of the Naam.
  • Other actions are just to please and appease the people. ||4||12||25||

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"You are carrying the light and message of our visionary Baba Nanak"
Guys - yes will call you guys - if Baba Nanak was around today he will call you Guys as he sees no difference in people who are one and equal to the creator. Guys, you are carrying the light and message of our visionary Baba Nanak which is forgotten and distorted by many generations. Thank you for doing what you are going and keep faith. There are many who may not be identified as Sikh but we share the same values of Baba Nanak and his message. Guys you all are doing a good work by keeping the message alive...bless you all....
_ Richard Lal, UK

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